Wednesday, April 22, 2009


I'm sorry baby, I didnt mean to hurt you at all, never

Yeah, I dont know how much it hurts,
But it wasn't how i wanted it to be baby,
I dont want anymore misunderstandings,
I dont want anymore more 'whateverlah. anythinglah'
I dont wantt. I dont wantt.
All i want at this very moment is you (:

Promise, just you baby. Sorry baby.
Sometimes I dont get to do what you thought I would,
I gave hope and I took it away,
Sorry baby. Not a single time I did it on purpose. Not a single time.

* I do hope you're reading this (:

SIGHS. you're leavin this sunday. Dont go? Be with me?? :P
I know you'll return with victory. Hehe.
You're forever my hero. Yup. Just YOU (:


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