Sunday, April 26, 2009

Its approaching..

The day is approaching and I'm still undecided * sighs.

Had a good date with him yesterday.
We're so out-dated lor really. Watched The Fast and The Furious 4.
Haahaa. He again, slept in the cinema. Damn it mann.
Have to give him a good punch baru boleh. Haha.

After movie, went to our favourite spot. Sushi King.
Know why? because there's my favourite Edamame :P

The First Time :D
Him : Aiyer. Nice mehh? Whats this laa. Come sushi eat this. wth.
Me: What? Its nice okayy?! Try try *stuff it into his mouth*
Him : *the super sour face* YII. tasteless wan. not nice.
Me: Okayy. I'll finish it then.

Second Time
I ordered Edamame again.

Me : Okay. I know you dont like. Its mine. Order yours.
Him: *took one slice and munched it* Actually, not bad la.
Me : Shaddup la. Talk so much wan.
Him: Its nice when you eat it when you're bored.
Him: no la. no la.

HAHA. Memories.

He's in Taiping right now. For like 5DAYS. hmm. shall wait. haha.
All the best baby. Use sunblock please. Dont come back with burnt and roasted skin :P

MSSD 2009.
He hit a homerun but I ain't sure whether is it this time.
I miss you.

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