Sunday, November 28, 2010

Just a brief hiatus.

Oh and so College officially ended, just like that?

Yes just like that. Not that I even realize how fast time flew.

Officially over and done with Taylor's College. Oh you have no idea how happy and relieved I am. Not that the college sucked, well actually i kinda missed the people.

And kinda regretted that I didn't studied harder. Just how Suvien thought as well.

Jen Lyn and I, on the other hand were feeling pretty elated that we didn't
have to attend Ms. Ho's home tutor classes anymore. Yeah we paid extra for Math
classes. Guess it paid off. ( HOPEFULLY)

Well not forgetting to mention I had to drag myself outta bed for the final week.
And what exactly was it for?

Well, technically MORAL STUDIES but actually more like
'getting into the lecturer hall & hibernate!'

Frankly speaking, I am no iPhone fanatic but nevertheless this game
did not fail to hook me up with it. Or shall i say its the only game which I
can beat the high scores. Pathetic or what?

And a clearer picture of my newly cut Bangs. Haha.

Or maybe you could call it the
'Hey-your-dog-gave-you-a-haircut-or-something? Bangs'.
Claimed Stephanie Wang.

Well as for vanity?
I think it runs in the blood.

We, specifically the WANGs,
fortunately are born ALL-ROUNDERS.

So, nerding? *snap snap.
Not that much of a problem ;)

Apparently, Billiesooi and I have been quite addicted to Gossip Girls.

The good news is, we are having the time of our life, bonding, spending lazy Saturdays
& Sundays.
Bad news? Its only the Season One.


Tuesday, November 23, 2010

muddled & dumbfounded

The site is currently still undergoing some facelifts. Sad i know!

Blame me for being such an I.T noob. Prolly should take up some I.T classes prior to start blogging seriously. wtfbbq.

Maybe i should just forgo this avocation. Like seriously.

Be right back. Stoning right now.

Monday, November 22, 2010

My homegirls.

Pep it up!

Feeling so dried out and worn out after the whole day out?

Be it guys or girls, IT DOESN'T MATTER!

Mask is def vital for ze skin & whatmore when you want to look superhot
and underneath those ultimate HOTness, you still have your youthful,
beautiful, healthy-looking & most importantly unblemished skin!

YAY for No-zitos skin!

Bwahah and so we tried the

SKINLITE Rejuvenating Cucumber Pads.

Its so easy to put on. Best for lazy asses like us.
& i bet you'll love it too.

Its paper thin & it sticks onto your skin perfectly
( provided you don't continuously peel it off - itchy hands! )

Unlike the real cucumber, you :

1) waste food
2) have to cut and slice it ( super annoying)
3) gives an unpleasant stench after being dumped into the bin for sometime :/

And since you had to wait for a good 10-15 minutes for the
cucum-trients (cucumber nutrients) to be fully absorbed,
WE camwhored.

Enjoyed the cooling sensation and the natural aroma ( just like freshly cut cucumbers! )

Yes I made him do all these. A round of applause please! haha.
Its pretty unlikely for you to see Billiesooi in action like this.

Because only I can do it. Double LOL!

I got these from Sasa, Midvalley.

Super reasonable price. No pocket-holes burnt ;)

And went out the next day, feeling so good
because our skin felt so blemish-free!

& now he's craving for more.

"Lets do some cucumber mask", says HE!

So, what are you guys waiting for?
Go grab em! NOW! Pronto pronto!

Friday, November 19, 2010

Rejuvenating Cucumber Pads- Sneak peek!

Grabbed two packs of SKINLITE Rejuvenating Cucumber Packs whilst on a
lighting-speed shopping spree for Prom.

& it turned out that THESE PADS are quite some good stuffs!

And guess how much I got it for?

Stay tuned to find out more ;)

Allow me to have a wonderful weekend back in Ipoh w my family and friends.

Will be back for more! Ciao!


Wednesday, November 17, 2010


Well it says cor-rob-o-ree!

Which actually means :

1) An Australian Aboriginal ceremony that may take the form of a scared ritual

2) ceremonial meeting of the Australian Aborigines

Buahahaha. Does that even relate to PROM? Pretty far from the definition to me.

Ohwell, anywaysss,

You know what? This freaking-blood-sucking prom just burnt a freaking big hole in my pocket! Already I am barely surviving with the current monthly allowance. How did I even survive from this freaking prom night? What a bummer! *UGH!


1) My face just gave up on me. Make-up service by MAC cost me freaking RM 180.
I am not gonna spend THAT freaking much for a night man.

2) My hair as well. No mercy AT ALL! Plus my surely-tak-boleh-pakai skills
aren't being much of a helping skills, I HAD TO (lah) spend some $$ doing my hair
@ LA' MODE COIFFURE (Midvalley Megamall)

3) The thing started @ 6.30 and I only got my hair done by SIX.

4) Couldn't find my freaking car @ the parking lot.

5) Got stucked in the jam for 45 FREAKING MINUTES!
( That unnecessarily long considering I live 10 minutes away from MV
& I was already running late)

6) Had to do the make-up all by myself ( another tak-boleh-pakai-skills).
And that was already 7pm.

7) My boyfriend is a FORTUNE TELLER!
I made an assumption that I'll get everything done by 7pm (at most!)
and he went NAHH. You'll only be here by 7.45 and you'll be LATE for your PROM.


He was freaking right. RIGHT ON THE DOT.
What a night. Seriously.

Well, nevertheless,

FUN? I had tons!

The Prom Kings & Queens of the night (Finalists)

(TWO) had to be in such deplorable state due to such creative & fresh-jiving
ideas by (FOUR)

Queen of the night : Girl in black (FIVE)
* a round of applause please people.

Cliche much? The popular girl ALWAYS get the votes & win.

Last but certainly NOT least, billybie! Who's always there for me.

Mucho mucho muah muah! HAHA.

On a darker note, my camera had to play hide & seek an hour before PROM.
( plus all the hassle and chaos, had no time to look for it and
ended up grabbing pictures from all over fb)

So pathetic i know!

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Stay tuned! will be undergoing a full-on construction.

In other words, a new 'face-lift'

Lets just hope things are gon work out.

Till then, ciao!

Muchonachos xx.