Wednesday, November 17, 2010


Well it says cor-rob-o-ree!

Which actually means :

1) An Australian Aboriginal ceremony that may take the form of a scared ritual

2) ceremonial meeting of the Australian Aborigines

Buahahaha. Does that even relate to PROM? Pretty far from the definition to me.

Ohwell, anywaysss,

You know what? This freaking-blood-sucking prom just burnt a freaking big hole in my pocket! Already I am barely surviving with the current monthly allowance. How did I even survive from this freaking prom night? What a bummer! *UGH!


1) My face just gave up on me. Make-up service by MAC cost me freaking RM 180.
I am not gonna spend THAT freaking much for a night man.

2) My hair as well. No mercy AT ALL! Plus my surely-tak-boleh-pakai skills
aren't being much of a helping skills, I HAD TO (lah) spend some $$ doing my hair
@ LA' MODE COIFFURE (Midvalley Megamall)

3) The thing started @ 6.30 and I only got my hair done by SIX.

4) Couldn't find my freaking car @ the parking lot.

5) Got stucked in the jam for 45 FREAKING MINUTES!
( That unnecessarily long considering I live 10 minutes away from MV
& I was already running late)

6) Had to do the make-up all by myself ( another tak-boleh-pakai-skills).
And that was already 7pm.

7) My boyfriend is a FORTUNE TELLER!
I made an assumption that I'll get everything done by 7pm (at most!)
and he went NAHH. You'll only be here by 7.45 and you'll be LATE for your PROM.


He was freaking right. RIGHT ON THE DOT.
What a night. Seriously.

Well, nevertheless,

FUN? I had tons!

The Prom Kings & Queens of the night (Finalists)

(TWO) had to be in such deplorable state due to such creative & fresh-jiving
ideas by (FOUR)

Queen of the night : Girl in black (FIVE)
* a round of applause please people.

Cliche much? The popular girl ALWAYS get the votes & win.

Last but certainly NOT least, billybie! Who's always there for me.

Mucho mucho muah muah! HAHA.

On a darker note, my camera had to play hide & seek an hour before PROM.
( plus all the hassle and chaos, had no time to look for it and
ended up grabbing pictures from all over fb)

So pathetic i know!

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