Sunday, November 28, 2010

Just a brief hiatus.

Oh and so College officially ended, just like that?

Yes just like that. Not that I even realize how fast time flew.

Officially over and done with Taylor's College. Oh you have no idea how happy and relieved I am. Not that the college sucked, well actually i kinda missed the people.

And kinda regretted that I didn't studied harder. Just how Suvien thought as well.

Jen Lyn and I, on the other hand were feeling pretty elated that we didn't
have to attend Ms. Ho's home tutor classes anymore. Yeah we paid extra for Math
classes. Guess it paid off. ( HOPEFULLY)

Well not forgetting to mention I had to drag myself outta bed for the final week.
And what exactly was it for?

Well, technically MORAL STUDIES but actually more like
'getting into the lecturer hall & hibernate!'

Frankly speaking, I am no iPhone fanatic but nevertheless this game
did not fail to hook me up with it. Or shall i say its the only game which I
can beat the high scores. Pathetic or what?

And a clearer picture of my newly cut Bangs. Haha.

Or maybe you could call it the
'Hey-your-dog-gave-you-a-haircut-or-something? Bangs'.
Claimed Stephanie Wang.

Well as for vanity?
I think it runs in the blood.

We, specifically the WANGs,
fortunately are born ALL-ROUNDERS.

So, nerding? *snap snap.
Not that much of a problem ;)

Apparently, Billiesooi and I have been quite addicted to Gossip Girls.

The good news is, we are having the time of our life, bonding, spending lazy Saturdays
& Sundays.
Bad news? Its only the Season One.