Saturday, December 4, 2010


Haha first attempt.

Obviously need a lot (HELL LOTS) of practices.

Flaws that I actually (kinda) observed:

1) Hair - Bad hair day.

2) Probably its blogspot. Bad quality video. It was pretty decent when i watched it with my macbie. Hmmm.

3) Hey. My mouth movement and my voice isn't synchronized. wtfbbq?

And no. Not trynna be cool, not at all. ( Not like I have thousands or millions of hits everyday) So, just thought that it'll be nice to see myself talking without lookin at the mirror? perhaps? HAHA! Just trying something new because the LONGG holiday is effin killing me man.

So yeah. More updates soon ;) Real soon.


Jean said...

Hey, Mag! Great video log! Keep it up! Happy advanced Christmas and all the best of luck in your SAM results. =)

Magdeline Wang said...

Thanks jean. Will try my level best. And of course, better quality ones next time round ;)