Saturday, December 4, 2010

December conundrum!

Boy OH Boy. Christmas is approaching!

Ticka tocka ticka tocka - The clock is ticking and we must start thinking!!
Hey it rhymes ;)

I totally have no idea about what to get for Billybie for Xmas.
One contributing factor is that - He basically has everything that he wants/needs already.

One thing about DSLRs, they're so heavy and bulky that you just don't want to
bring them out anymore. Exactly what has happened to me.
Layers of dust topping over my poor baby. Maybe I should consider switching to Olympus PEN.
And this SONY DSC-T200 just died on me. Tak boleh pakai.
Super steady shot, my arse.

Oh and another thing. Yesterday which was the 3rd of December ( apparently also my highschool Bff's 18th birthday- HAPPY BIRTHDAY JIAMOON LOVE! )

Was invited to the Che Che New York's new collection launch @ Midvalley Megamall.
Thanks Josh! for inviting :)
Was thinking twice whether to go or not because I was so worn out and just didn't feel
like doing anything other than sleeping my day off. Nevertheless, going is def
better than wasting my time at home, accumulating fats.
p/s: I have the tendency to eat when I have nothing to do. So, yeah. Nuff said.

Hello Kitty Fall Winter Collection 2010

Che Che New York Chocolates!

Megan and Josh

Host of the event, Brigette Liberty Yu.

And of course models of the night. This is just one of them.


Door gift by Che Che New York.

How cute is that?
Don't think this is of any good use to me. Not a big fan of CheChe NY.
Anybody out there who loves merchandises
from Che Che NY, well i wouldn't mind gifting it to you.

And i didn't know they have their very own chocolate production.
Love that pink poodle.

And also free samples from ACCA KAPPA.

Eye defying eye contour cream and perfume fragrance.
Just what i needed!

It was the launch of their HELLO KITTY collections.

Coin pouches, Blackberry and iPhone cases, camera cases, key chains,
handbags, and a whole lot more! Check out CHE CHE NEW YORK
for more details on their newly launched collection.

*And since my annoyingpink camera died on me. Hence, event pictures are taken by Josh Lim,
the founder of Adverlets. Check out ADVERLETS
for more sizzling hot pictures of the night.

*Big sigh.

Well, I'm very certain Billybie wouldn't want a Blackberry case from Che Che NY right.


The bling bling key chains perhaps?

*staring at myself in a lecherous manner.


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