Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Don't settle for less, VOTE FOR MAGS!

I believe the cat is finally out of the bag ;)  ( Yes I know its been quite sometime since I've updated my blog). But forgive me, I have just been too busy with the competition and studies! Got done with 3 major papers and one more to go! 

As I'm writing this, there's just so much running in my mind. The past couple of weeks have been pretty messed up but I have definitely learnt a lot. Falling back, and standing back up again; well nothing is impossible,really. And things always happen when you least expect them to :) 

It doesn't really matter whether or not I bring home the crown, because deep down inside my heart I know that I'm the winner of my beloved parents & loved ones; thats what matter the most :) And of course, I have given my 101% and there's nothing that I would regret not doing! 

"Forget the past with no fear, face the present with confidence and prepare for the future with no fear". And I have been standing by that from the beginning of Beauty Camp and also the ultimate reason why I am still here today, standing strong! :) 

The time and experience I had during this entire journey is just priceless. I've gained knowledge in every possible aspects;  I'll definitely bring them home and utilize them! ;) Met new people and of course, I found true friendship! It may be a competition, but without friendship I highly doubt it would have been as fun and exciting! :)

Its almost the end of my journey here in Beauty Camp. I must say I enjoyed every single moment I had with the crews, the organizers and of course, my beloved sisters :) 

Even up till today, I can't believe that I am actually one of the TOP 9 Finalists ( funny I know!) But I'm glad I took this step; "good move, Maggy!" ;) 

Another two days till Final Gala. This is definitely one of the most crucial and important moment in my life :) Being in the Top 9 was definitely a blessing. But being one of the Top 4? I will need you guys to help me out! 20% of the marks will be based on the voting rates and I will need you, awesome people & fellow Malaysians to VOTE FOR MAGS

And I can assure you, your votes are in safe hands. I will for sure, rock the stage on the Final Gala night. I really hope the determination, love and effort that I've put in will pay off :) I will not let you guys down! 

Do catch our Final Gala of Miss Universe Malaysia 2012 LIVE on the 10th of November 2012, only on Astro (channel 705) at 9.00pm! 

Here's a guide on how to VOTE FOR MAGS

Have faith in me, and I will not let anyone of you down! I will definitely do my part. But for now, remember to pass on the message and spread the words to your friends and family! It will mean a LOT to me! Thanks guys!

See you on the 10th!