Friday, February 27, 2009


My back is aching like OMGFREAKINGPAINDAMNIT.
seriously. i tell you why.
vigorous exercise that leads to muscles contraction and therefore the back aches.
what am i crapping? haha.

I'm talking to my pair of legs right now.
' Please jump well. Please?? Please pointe well, please??"

I have a sudden urge to get jessica tan here. right now.
I need massages. My shoulder's aching.

And i tell you, Diana and Eva both said i got darker. wtf.
I look lika malay girl. URH-WHATT??
Where's my BANANA BOAT SPF30?? haha.

Gah. Stop complaining please.
You're so annoying.

I'm going to bed.
Bey tahan.

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Daddy's Day toDAY :)

Happy Birthday DAD :))
Yeah. Thats my dad. Do i, in any possible way resembles him??
haha. I think NO.
Anyway, its daddy's birthday.
I stayed up till 12 last night. To wish him.
You know, my dad doesn't stay with me. So, yeah i called.
And he DIDNT answer.
So, i ended up texting him and then FUHHH.
He called me. HAHA.
By the way,
how old are you, dad??
I dont know whats wrong with my laptop. The words are all jumbled together.
GAH. Problematic.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

watcha watcha :D


laugh out loud.

Yeah.Green house is leading ? So not :(

Buck up people!! GO GREEN!

Had sports practice and softball today. But couldn't split myself into two. haha. Exhausted :(

B gave me a lift home after that (:

Abuden? LOL.

Great day because i did great ((:

Wednesday, February 18, 2009


Time sure flies. Seconds disappear within the blink of an eye. And why am I not appreciating it? And why am I still wasting time doing things that I'm not supposed to? Tell me why?

SPM is drawing pretty close. " Mummy, I'm scarrred" *pouted lips.

I just ain't ready to be facing the WAR. After all these years making good friends with the fellow books, the voice in within me is saying " Mag, are you sure? ". Its holding me back and this is no good baby.

Its whispering by my ear everytime I start getting drowsy in class. "Mag, are you sure? "

And its whispering again right now! Because I'm supposed to be doing chemistry equations or perhaps the addmaths problems instead of BLOGGING :(

Ohnoo. I feel like I'm drowning. Anybody who'll be my prince in shining armour?? ANYONE?

okay.i'm crapping. but hey, ANYONE ? REALLY.


haha. I shall say no more.

HEY. WHY ARE THE NUMBERS SO BIG?? you might wonder.
This clock tells time not in hours,minutes or seconds , but in YEARS. You see?
Each number corresponds to a 7-year period of your life.
If you manage to live through a full 360-degree sweep of the year hand, you're doing pretty darned well :)
I somehow like this clock. It makes me feel better. But as the year-hand strucks 0, its time to say BYE BYE.
I take back my words now.
Time sure flies. I'm assured.

Hey baby. Its alright. You did GREAT already (:

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Lil Gifts

I got these on Valentine's Day at school.
Very unexpected lil gifts :)
Mind you, not from guys. haha.
Thanks yea?
Its cute :D

I tried to hide my face.
Am i obvious ??

why ?

Why are you being this way?? I Love You.

Don't make me feel insecure please.

Its scary baby.

Dont worry.

I've told you what I should :)

Be glad.

Monday, February 16, 2009

Becky is so Wacky

School was meaningless today.
I slept like an hour long towards the end of school :P

Oh and you know what??
Never stand in front or near a friend that makes you laugh when u sing the national anthem. haha. Yean Kit, true??

It was like that,

Rebecca was behind ME and Yean Kit was in front of ME.

*Negaraku playing*

Becky : Negaraku... tanahh tumpahnya darahkuuuu ( high tune)
ME : ( oh becky pls dont sing like that day )
Becky : Selamat bertaktha ..( super low tune )

Okay. i know it doesn't sound funny AT ALL.

* The State Anthem playing *

when it came to some part of the song,

Becky : ... berkati Perak Ridzuann... JESUS selamatkan negeri dan sultan.
ME : HUH?? oi. did you just said Jesus selamatkan??
Becky : Yalah. Allah not my god also. You can also say BUDDHA selamatkan.
ME : Yean Kit, you see her?? Sing JESUS selamatkan wor.
YK : huh?? *laughs*
Becky : Yala. Jesus is my god, Not allah.

OMG. Becky is so random and wierd and FUNNY. haha.

All the best baby. I know you can (:

Sunday, February 15, 2009

14th February

Happy Valentine's Day (:

Yeah,14th february. The day people spend time with their LOVED ones.
I think LOVE CUPIDS were everywhere. HAHA.

My valentine wasn't like how i thought it would be.
::Had dinner with his family::
::Received roses and chocolates from Mr.Anonymous::
::Got a cake from another Mr.Anonymous :S ::

anyway, happy Vday (:

awww. gummy bears. so cute.

* BIG hug and kisses*

Thursday, February 12, 2009

M.L.H ( Mad Like Hell)

Oh dang. I'm HELL angry right now. Aunt refused to fetch me for ballet lesson. WHAT THE HECKK?? (wait till i can drive.grr)
Its so freaking unfair that she can fetch her SON for tuition and not ME for ballet. Its at the SAME time!! okay. I'm not her daughter but so? come on. I can't fucking drive okayy. And my ballet exam is drawing NEAR. *shrugs*
God bless me and sorry for being impolite but i'm just FUCKING HELL mad.

can't you just gimme a lift?? screw YOU!
ngauumm! *bites her*

i miss him :(

Hell Wrong

Wtf .
I'm feeling so empty.
What the hell is fucking wrong with me?
and i don't like 14th February. GAH.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

The Disection

Biology rock your socks. haha. Not because you get to DISECT FROGS. lmao.
Unfortunately, my group lost our frogs.
Sueli : frogs ran awayy!
Us : HOW??
Sueli : I don't know. They're all gone!
WOW. frogs ARE smart.
Or is it just us thats NOT?

Look at Diana. HAHA. poor mama frog :P

Bloated. eww.

I wanted to poke the eyes. BUT i didnt have the courage.
I did not even disect it. HAHA.

Trying to pull out the tongue.
SOMEBODY: eh, why the tongue so short wann?? Cannot pull adi lah.

I don't know what that is.
Shit or the gall baldder ??

we buried Mr. and Mrs. Frog at the CEMETERY OF FROGS.
placed them side by side.
Replaced their organs back into their OPENED UP bodies.
and EVA said :
"Thank you Mr. and Mrs. Frog for sacrificing yourselves for us. We've learnt alot from you. May you rest in peace and bla. bla. bla. "
I forgot what she said. ROFL.
And back in the laboratory, I smell HAND SANITIZERS everywhere.
Thanks to Becky :))

Monday, February 9, 2009

love struck <3

You know who you are and you know who you are to me. DON'T YOU?
This is so unbelievable.
Unbelievable that im strucked by LOVE again.
This is not something that i can take control of, you see.
When it comes, it comes.
and you,
you caught my heart.
Anyone could possibly catch my eyes,
BUT only the special someone could catch my heart :)
Its pretty obvious that
i love you :)

Once you're strucked,

And now I'm not afraid to tell.
i love you :)

i'm sick now and my brain couldn't interpret
any data other than the word 'LOVE'
love struck !
*tears flowing*

NO. please dont tell me that time files. Its scary and im scared :(
NO. please dont tell me THERE'S NOT MUCH TIME. im worried.
please dont tell me.

I love you.

Friday, February 6, 2009

my confessions :)

Dang. Why aren't things getting into places?! My schedule is like 2637483623652 hours occupied with something. And i dont even get the chance to have the sufficient 8hours of sleep. WHATS WORSE is that things aren't done!! homeworks piles and piles on my study desk, incomplete. ONMANN.dang!

I've no time for my ballet lessons and the stupid school activities are coming to me like nobody's business.IM EXHAUSTED. gimme a break, will ya?? NO! spm is friggin' near already.IM SEVENTEEN and i dont wanna be.

*breathing in and out*

*after 2minutes*'s hard.i'm not gonna let myself down.OHMAN. im so not gonna waste all the money i spent all these while going for tuitions.

I've a lil confessions to do.

MUM :)
I love you mum.The times that you've sacrificed for me and sis and the hard times you went through.Thanks alot mum.I wouldn't have gone this far without you mum :( If its not because of you, I wouldn't have make it through this. The THREE of us will always be together.Bonded like the IONIC bond?? hehe. *showers of love and kisses*

Erm, dad? I've nothing much to say. Thanks alot. I love you.

Yo babi.haha. stop being so kiddy la k? wth. emo emo case and all. wake up la girl. Nothing's more important than the ones you LOVE. hoi.not your boyfriends all ar. its US! mummy and daddy and ME (duh). haha. klar. babbler alot and i know * hugs*

Memories will always remain as memories in me. and i believe that one day you'll understand why things happened that way. Its never planned. NEVER EVER. love was beautiful and unforgettable. But i guess, now its hatred that's filled in you. Take care zhou :)

hey darl :)) i dont know whether you'll be reading this or not. I guess you'll just scroll down the page and say 'CHEH. nothing also'. hehe. Thanks for being there for me all these while when i needed someone. So glad to have a bestie like you, gav. Really and this is no rubbish. HAHA. okayla. i dont wanna crap so much :P love ya.

*hugs and kisses*

hey ppl.erm, I actually do not know who im forwarding this to. But i think there's people outta there that dislikes me. All i could say is that. I dont know what i did that pissed you ppl but hey. everybody does sin. Im only one of them. so, YEAH :)

hey babes. So glad that I moved there and became a member of the BR.Part of the family :) And the times we had was awesome and I'm not gonna ever forget the times we had. Although, maybe some conflicts happened in between but hey if there's no hard times, NO FUN right?? haha. You guys are the best people that I've ever met. Really. I dont know if you guys visit my blog or not, but it doesn't matter. I think its the thought that counts, am i right?? I've spent my almost-2-years in MC and you guys are the ones that made it the most unforgettable ones. The days. Never ever gonna forget. NEVER. love you girls!!

okay. confessions done.
just felt like expressing my deepest feelings.
out of no where.
random, i know.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009


i'm pretty glad that i have you (:
its YOU

I couldn't put down my memories,
I tried hard
I failed
I'm devastated :(

Now I could
I dont care what people say behind my back
BOO to y'all
why bother people's business?
*shoo shoo*


If you know me, you wont hate me ;)

Sunday, February 1, 2009

aiyo. dont care lah.

I'm proud for being who i am right now. *cheers* I used to bother alot about what people say about me. and wth?? WHO CARES LA NOW.

get your own life!

tick tick tick. and ITS THE END ALREADY?? one week of CNY had ended and the war had just begun ( again) -_____-

mum and sis left for johor and not gonna come back until march :(
oh am i supposed to live like this?? All THREE meals on my own. Well, what to do kan? apa macam boleh buat? hidup ajaLAH. haha.

*scratches head*

i shall end here.