Friday, February 6, 2009

my confessions :)

Dang. Why aren't things getting into places?! My schedule is like 2637483623652 hours occupied with something. And i dont even get the chance to have the sufficient 8hours of sleep. WHATS WORSE is that things aren't done!! homeworks piles and piles on my study desk, incomplete. ONMANN.dang!

I've no time for my ballet lessons and the stupid school activities are coming to me like nobody's business.IM EXHAUSTED. gimme a break, will ya?? NO! spm is friggin' near already.IM SEVENTEEN and i dont wanna be.

*breathing in and out*

*after 2minutes*'s hard.i'm not gonna let myself down.OHMAN. im so not gonna waste all the money i spent all these while going for tuitions.

I've a lil confessions to do.

MUM :)
I love you mum.The times that you've sacrificed for me and sis and the hard times you went through.Thanks alot mum.I wouldn't have gone this far without you mum :( If its not because of you, I wouldn't have make it through this. The THREE of us will always be together.Bonded like the IONIC bond?? hehe. *showers of love and kisses*

Erm, dad? I've nothing much to say. Thanks alot. I love you.

Yo babi.haha. stop being so kiddy la k? wth. emo emo case and all. wake up la girl. Nothing's more important than the ones you LOVE. hoi.not your boyfriends all ar. its US! mummy and daddy and ME (duh). haha. klar. babbler alot and i know * hugs*

Memories will always remain as memories in me. and i believe that one day you'll understand why things happened that way. Its never planned. NEVER EVER. love was beautiful and unforgettable. But i guess, now its hatred that's filled in you. Take care zhou :)

hey darl :)) i dont know whether you'll be reading this or not. I guess you'll just scroll down the page and say 'CHEH. nothing also'. hehe. Thanks for being there for me all these while when i needed someone. So glad to have a bestie like you, gav. Really and this is no rubbish. HAHA. okayla. i dont wanna crap so much :P love ya.

*hugs and kisses*

hey ppl.erm, I actually do not know who im forwarding this to. But i think there's people outta there that dislikes me. All i could say is that. I dont know what i did that pissed you ppl but hey. everybody does sin. Im only one of them. so, YEAH :)

hey babes. So glad that I moved there and became a member of the BR.Part of the family :) And the times we had was awesome and I'm not gonna ever forget the times we had. Although, maybe some conflicts happened in between but hey if there's no hard times, NO FUN right?? haha. You guys are the best people that I've ever met. Really. I dont know if you guys visit my blog or not, but it doesn't matter. I think its the thought that counts, am i right?? I've spent my almost-2-years in MC and you guys are the ones that made it the most unforgettable ones. The days. Never ever gonna forget. NEVER. love you girls!!

okay. confessions done.
just felt like expressing my deepest feelings.
out of no where.
random, i know.

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