Monday, February 16, 2009

Becky is so Wacky

School was meaningless today.
I slept like an hour long towards the end of school :P

Oh and you know what??
Never stand in front or near a friend that makes you laugh when u sing the national anthem. haha. Yean Kit, true??

It was like that,

Rebecca was behind ME and Yean Kit was in front of ME.

*Negaraku playing*

Becky : Negaraku... tanahh tumpahnya darahkuuuu ( high tune)
ME : ( oh becky pls dont sing like that day )
Becky : Selamat bertaktha ..( super low tune )

Okay. i know it doesn't sound funny AT ALL.

* The State Anthem playing *

when it came to some part of the song,

Becky : ... berkati Perak Ridzuann... JESUS selamatkan negeri dan sultan.
ME : HUH?? oi. did you just said Jesus selamatkan??
Becky : Yalah. Allah not my god also. You can also say BUDDHA selamatkan.
ME : Yean Kit, you see her?? Sing JESUS selamatkan wor.
YK : huh?? *laughs*
Becky : Yala. Jesus is my god, Not allah.

OMG. Becky is so random and wierd and FUNNY. haha.

All the best baby. I know you can (:

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