TVC Exposures

My love for stage and performing arts was nurtured since I was as young as 9 years old! I could still remember so vividly, my very first ballet performance on stage ; I had to scream and run in my tiny little ballet flats.. along with 8 other Pink Fairies ( I was one of them, of course). And years flew by, though I  no longer perform or dance ballet, I realized my profound love for acting and being able to get into the character of someone else. Never really had the chance to be acting for the silver screen yet, but all of these little experience I get along they - they're absolutely priceless.

Here's some of my recent work : - 

U-Mobile (UMI 48 plan) - 2013 
3 story board

Pizza Hut Super Pan Pizza - 2012 
(featured talent) 

Nusmetro Commercial - 2013 

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