Since I haven't been really active in my formspring account : http://www.formspring.me/magdelinewang, perhaps this page would serve its purpose. Because I don't see the point of answering repetitive questions. Here are few of the Frequently Asked Questions ( to be updated from time to time) :

How tall are you? 
5'8 inches.

Are you pure Chinese? 

Which University are you studying in now? 
Monash University ( its also stated in my Biography section)

If you could change something to your look, what would it be? 
Well I am actually very contented and happy with the way I look. & blessed to have the right features at all the right places. I wouldn't want to change the way I look unless its really necessary. Maybe this question can be addressed to me in a couple of years times, maybe I answer may differ. Well, who knows?

Which gym do you workout at? 
Celebrity Fitness

How often do you workout? 
4-5 or 5-6 times a week, depending on my schedule.

Can you dance? Which genre of dance are you particularly good at? 
Yes, I can. I've got a ballet background of 10 years but unfortunately had to stop at Advanced Foundation due to studies. I do contemporary, hip-hop and jazz at the gym. Not particularly good at choreographing dance moves though.

How long have you been blogging? 
Since 2008.

What else do you do besides blogging? 
I occasionally participate in photoshoots for local campaigns & catwalk for runways. But I am much more active in television commercials (TVC) and event hosting/emceeing.

How much do you charge for emcee gigs? 
It largely depend of the genre/type of the event. Please email me at mag-w@live.com and we could discuss further! x

Resume or portfolio? Can I access it via your blog? 
Unfortunately its not currently available on my blog. Please email me at mag-w@live.com and I will send it to you personally. Cheers! x

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