Friday, April 30, 2010

Bimbo Day Out, Not.

Hi readers! ( well i reckon I could count em all with my fingers-pathetic much?)

Drop that. Anyway, its been way too long since I last went to a mall. And with a genuine intention- TO SHOP TILL MY DADDY DROP! :p

Nah that was a joke. Serious. Haha.
I've finally fulfilled my desire. Okay maybe not. Semi-filled :P But at least I've got what I've been longing for, after all the pre-eliminary rounds. Pffft. Tell me about it man. LOL- find out at the end of the post. Start doing your critical thinking skills!
And one more thing. Don't start procrasinating. Never do you good. Trust me. Its been hitting me so much now that I'm regretting the hell outta it.

Factor One: I'm having a baby-bump tummy! (SOS)
Reasons affecting: I've been procrasinating and procrastinating. Told myself and babyboo that I'll start working out. And look super HOT. Okay, its obviously not happening because I haven't started anything since day one! Kill me. Okay I WILL. I WILL.
Evidence: Look below *shakes head.

Baby-bump shot: Zara, Midvalley Megamall.

Okay. Maybe its time for me to introduce my OH-SO-INNOCENT friend here. Suvien. And yes, she's pure chinese ( she gets that alot) Haha. Wow, I sound as if I could read people's mind. Lol. And you wouldn't want to know my definition of Innocent. Trust me, you wouldn't. aha.

And this's Jen Lyn. Say hello (HAHA) I love them both to the Max Max Max! We actually have so much in common, and we could click at the very first day itself. We blend as one. haha. Look who's talking. I ponder :P

Dinner @ Delicious, MidValley. The food sure was pricey. This salad itself already burnt a hole in my pocket :/ One thing bad about me. I will NEVER EVER spend my money on FOOOD! What more a salad?

*hint* End of the post. In case you're thinking what I'm thinking. Then I shall answer YES :)
All the pre-eliminary rounds wasn't at all easy. No doubt. haha. And final verdict: I won.
I'm pretty sure this freshly burnt hole in my/dad's pocket is worth its value :P I'll prove my words.

Till then, toodles!

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Holla molla!

Hey peeps. Its been a while since I actually blogged.


bow wow. Life's been extra busy these days. With all the tests going on, its amazing how I survived, srsly. At least I passed my Math Studies. Thankgod. ( cus for the fact that its actually Additional Maths which I could barely even understand the questions. YES, IT WAS THAT BAD) Anyway, life goes on no matter what. And I ain't gonna slack again this time round man. The feeling of disappointment suck to the max max max.

And just so you know, JUNE'S APPROACHING!!! Tell me about it ;) ahhaha. I am right here waiting babyboo. Kisses.

Let me rant a lil something about my college since I havent been talking much about it hitherto.

1) Majority of my class are pure introverts! S.O.S! I feel so out of place. Ohwell, future doctors. What can I say? haha.

2) I hereby clarify that the CUTE guys have extinct in Kuala Lumpur esp TCSJ :/ Whyyyy!

3) So far, I've seen so many girls wearing the shortest shortest bodycon skirts in college and when I/ the boys (especially) look up while walking up the flight of killer stairs WOOTS! sexayy. haha.

4) Walking down the stairs kills. Climbing up, worst!

5) I have the most self-centered English teacher ever ever. wonder how am i supposed to face her for the next 7 months. Kill me already.

6) College's fun? Wait till you get into one. Yes fun, and much more hectic in so many ways.

7) Dress to impress? or To express?

The photoshoot session by SeventeenMag was indeed noteworthy. Loved the hair and the make-up ;) When will I ever be on the front cover? Oh well. Don't miss the this coming July's issue. ( yeah, like as though the world cares about you being in a page. wtfbbq. haha )

Lets go tipsyy! Till then, toodles. xoxo.

Saturday, April 24, 2010


Consideration regarding the deactivation of

What do you think?

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Screwed kao kao.

Dont ever mention anything regarding Physics to me anymore man. Srsly, its pissing me off. I just dont have the 'oh-wow-this-is-peanut' gene in my DNA man. I just screwed my first class test which compiles of SEVEN FREAKIN MARKS. Tell me about it, really. And when I've sorta "mastered" my calculations, you tell me to explain. *clap clap* Served me right.

I AM NEVER EVER GONNA TAKE PHYSICS AGAIN, never in my afterlife. I swear.

So now that I have sworn, I still have no choice but to study hard lah. Haha. I can't afford to fail any of the subjects man. Averagely, each sub costs around 4K. So yeah. Gotta buck up and get goin.

I just had my 12am supper at The Ship with dad. Despite knowing the fact that its gonna be so freakin FATTENING, reluctantly I STILL WENT. haha.

Im so sleepy right now that I really gotta sleep. Toodles y'all. Stay tuned, be right back. xoxo.

p/s: im missing you tons.

Friday, April 9, 2010

bull shits.

Best thing about tonight that we're not fighting. Could it be that we have been this way before?

Yes. Definitely, and so many uncountable times. I could still feel the sore in me. I would flash back what happened before and regretted. I wish I never knew you, then I wouldn't go through all these bullshits. i know this post is way too dramatic and emotional. so, dont bother to go on reading if you dont like it. No worries.

I know its all over and gone now but i srsly DO NOT KNOW why the hell I'm still feeling it. The sore the pain. Ouch. This is just so unecessary, i know. I cant help it. The minute Aaron uttered that word, my heart went *crash splash smashed damn!*. Thank god it was still bearable or else, I'll be crying already. I've been through even worse situations that nobody would ever imagine. I swear you wouldn't want to encounter the same nightmare I had. I swear.

I believe in Karma. I seriously do. So, thats about it. No point blabbing shit about a senseless, emotionless bull.

Monday, April 5, 2010

The love of a mother.

So, this's Me, the daughter of one of the Greatest Mother on this planet Earth.
(I know this picture is so yesterday-i do not have any better pictures for now. HAHA)
I was halfway studying when I suddenly had the urge to make a call to mum. And yeah and so I did. Well as for me, my mum will NEVER EVER pick up my calls cus she doesnt want to waste my credit. (haha. how very considerate). So yup and I miss called her. She called me right away within seconds. And I thought, she was still at work. Nothing really came across my mind that time.
Until when she spoke to me, my heart shattered into million billion gazillion pieces. I swore! She tried to speak like nothing ever happened and like as though she was trynna tell me ' Dont worry. I'm perfectly alright'. NO MUM. You're not! Her voice was so weak that she could hardly speak. All she did was trying not to cough through the phone. She didnt want me to know. But i just knew. There's nothing much that I could do despite being far from home. She needed some care and some Love. I really wish I could shower her mine. I have always Loved her, more than anybody else. Nobody else matters more than MY mum. And I reckon thats what a child should do. Know your priorities!
I dont know why but I felt so homesick suddenly. I want to be with Mummy. She needs me, right now. I wish i could hand her a glass of warm water and put her to bed like how she always did. I know this is such an emotional post, but really. I miss her.

Mummy never liked taking pictures but I managed to capture a few. These are the photographs of one of the greatest Mother ever. My Mummy ;)

p/s: Mei, if you're reading this. Do me a favour would you? Take care of mum when Im not around. Dont just hide in your room 24/7. Mum needs somebody to talk to. Just talk to her alright? 5 minutes won't take too much of your time i'm sure. she's ill now. God bless you mum. I love you, more than anything in the world.