Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Holla molla!

Hey peeps. Its been a while since I actually blogged.


bow wow. Life's been extra busy these days. With all the tests going on, its amazing how I survived, srsly. At least I passed my Math Studies. Thankgod. ( cus for the fact that its actually Additional Maths which I could barely even understand the questions. YES, IT WAS THAT BAD) Anyway, life goes on no matter what. And I ain't gonna slack again this time round man. The feeling of disappointment suck to the max max max.

And just so you know, JUNE'S APPROACHING!!! Tell me about it ;) ahhaha. I am right here waiting babyboo. Kisses.

Let me rant a lil something about my college since I havent been talking much about it hitherto.

1) Majority of my class are pure introverts! S.O.S! I feel so out of place. Ohwell, future doctors. What can I say? haha.

2) I hereby clarify that the CUTE guys have extinct in Kuala Lumpur esp TCSJ :/ Whyyyy!

3) So far, I've seen so many girls wearing the shortest shortest bodycon skirts in college and when I/ the boys (especially) look up while walking up the flight of killer stairs WOOTS! sexayy. haha.

4) Walking down the stairs kills. Climbing up, worst!

5) I have the most self-centered English teacher ever ever. wonder how am i supposed to face her for the next 7 months. Kill me already.

6) College's fun? Wait till you get into one. Yes fun, and much more hectic in so many ways.

7) Dress to impress? or To express?

The photoshoot session by SeventeenMag was indeed noteworthy. Loved the hair and the make-up ;) When will I ever be on the front cover? Oh well. Don't miss the this coming July's issue. ( yeah, like as though the world cares about you being in a page. wtfbbq. haha )

Lets go tipsyy! Till then, toodles. xoxo.

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Deborah Yaw Quen-Yi said...

Jeremy was just saying that Taylors had the upskirt issues and no hot guy syndrome.I guess you noticed it too!HAHAHA.