Friday, April 30, 2010

Bimbo Day Out, Not.

Hi readers! ( well i reckon I could count em all with my fingers-pathetic much?)

Drop that. Anyway, its been way too long since I last went to a mall. And with a genuine intention- TO SHOP TILL MY DADDY DROP! :p

Nah that was a joke. Serious. Haha.
I've finally fulfilled my desire. Okay maybe not. Semi-filled :P But at least I've got what I've been longing for, after all the pre-eliminary rounds. Pffft. Tell me about it man. LOL- find out at the end of the post. Start doing your critical thinking skills!
And one more thing. Don't start procrasinating. Never do you good. Trust me. Its been hitting me so much now that I'm regretting the hell outta it.

Factor One: I'm having a baby-bump tummy! (SOS)
Reasons affecting: I've been procrasinating and procrastinating. Told myself and babyboo that I'll start working out. And look super HOT. Okay, its obviously not happening because I haven't started anything since day one! Kill me. Okay I WILL. I WILL.
Evidence: Look below *shakes head.

Baby-bump shot: Zara, Midvalley Megamall.

Okay. Maybe its time for me to introduce my OH-SO-INNOCENT friend here. Suvien. And yes, she's pure chinese ( she gets that alot) Haha. Wow, I sound as if I could read people's mind. Lol. And you wouldn't want to know my definition of Innocent. Trust me, you wouldn't. aha.

And this's Jen Lyn. Say hello (HAHA) I love them both to the Max Max Max! We actually have so much in common, and we could click at the very first day itself. We blend as one. haha. Look who's talking. I ponder :P

Dinner @ Delicious, MidValley. The food sure was pricey. This salad itself already burnt a hole in my pocket :/ One thing bad about me. I will NEVER EVER spend my money on FOOOD! What more a salad?

*hint* End of the post. In case you're thinking what I'm thinking. Then I shall answer YES :)
All the pre-eliminary rounds wasn't at all easy. No doubt. haha. And final verdict: I won.
I'm pretty sure this freshly burnt hole in my/dad's pocket is worth its value :P I'll prove my words.

Till then, toodles!

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