Sunday, May 2, 2010


Yowww ;)

Ohmyy. Have you ever realised how you could spend the entire monthly allowance of yours in just a day? Oh no. I havent :p

I'm not much of a ONE-DAY-SPENDER *hints to the boyfriend* :p

Anyway, crashed into Midvalley today. CROWDED AS HELL, as usual. Typical weekend crowd. And yeah, finally got my purple casing. woots woots. Thanks dad.

You know, I am drop dead tired right now. Supposed to be pigging, but due to the temptations; So yeahh. haha. 2.47am right now. shall start pigging sooon.

The Gardens Mall Fashion Week.

Never miss this! From Dragon-i.
Some chili spice shit. I dont read menus.

Yeahh. THEY literally dragged me here the day before and here I am, 24hrs after.
Not too much of a model search to me tho.
Everybody's in it.

Oh well, never harm to look good right?

Those curls wasn't as bad as I thought.

@ Delicious, Midvalley.
Iced-lemon tea. ALL time favourite ;)

And, Makas came for the rescue.

Need to rejuvenate, really :/

Okay, portrait of the day.
Ughh, hate the way I looked.
At least I know where I needed improvisation.

*snorts snorts.

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