Sunday, May 30, 2010

The imperfectness of a perfect shot.

Its amazing how life's made for us all. Nobody could ever predict what's tomorrow. Live like there's no tomorrow? Nahh i dont like that. I'd prefer to live like there's more tomorrow. haha. Now thats much better.

I've been through shit and I'm really glad that I'm still in a piece, really. In spite of everything that happened, I learn. Learn to fix the mistakes, learn to give and take & most importantly, learn to LOVE. whoever, blood-related or what not. You love, and you get love in return. Well, at least I tried. At least we all tried.

Sometimes you really wouldn't know whats so valuable in life until you lose it. True? Well this may be quite familiar/stereotype ( you name it) but APPRECIATE WHAT YOU HAVE NOW. all the health and wealth and love. How more greedy could you be? Be grateful already human. The indescribable anger in within me is definitely bad enough to spoil my day. But I thank god for the people around me who loves me & care for me. Needless to say, I thank god for being with me all the time. ( This post maybe quite personal but I really needed to let myself out).

I bet you cant see what's wrong with those pictures. Well, frankly..

there's nothing wrong-lah! ;)

Shall end the post with ze signature smile.
Have a good day y'all! Spread the love.

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