Friday, November 28, 2008

suzhou :)

im heading to suzhou.and im really is like my DREAM eversince i met him :) really going! :)))))
suzhou in the olden days..
this is pretty..


oh so pretty

not like what i've imagined..beautiful.

uhrmm..i aint no showing off or just gonna take LOTSA LOTSA LOTSA pics when im thr :))))
and zhou.. LOVE YA! *winks


just arrived in johor.the freaking 6 hours butt grew one inch wider.ROFL.
starting to miss ipoh ( REALLY!) haha.the ppl here are...speechless. IPOH ROCKS! haha. and im freaking sick.goddamnit.its really SICKENING.

had an appointment with the doc.and now i gotta finish up 6 freaking packets of MEDCINES.urgh.. imagine nasi ice creams.SOMEBODY SAVE ME from this nightmare!!arhh.haha.okay.i think i've exaggerated.
haha.i'll take this as part of my diet plan then ;)

im leaving for shanghai real soon and i've not even packed a single thing.haha.mum'll do it. THANKS MUM ;)

im only comin back to ipoh after XMAS.not again.tsk tsk.missed the fun back home ;P

;) miss y'all.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

sushi week ;)

had sushi for 3days continuously.rofl.
and im officially broke.tsk tsk.
enjoyed the days with him :))

thanks.i'll surely miss you when you're not around ;)
take care monkey.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

i have PASSION for softball.

i have a passion for this sport.seriously.i love it.unfortunately,there's no softball team in my current school.nevertheless, im FORMING one! =) try it and i bet you'll love it.i'm lovin' it ;)
pink gloves.beautiful,isn't it??

how i wish i could play again..


love for SOFTBALL :)
can you hit like a girl? :)

coming days,NOT much left...

its the 11th already.oh wait a sec.11th???!




just the cant bake smthn like this :P

you fancy CONVERSE like how i do too aite??

dont say HUH?its a cake.converse-shoe-like cake ;)

maybe a lil too BIG.haha.just have a look.we're on,there's no need to taste it.HAHAHA.everything happens for a reason.sometimes i scold you,its too,for a reason.sorry for being harsh all these times.please take care of yourself when im not around ;)
be good alright??
happy birthday sis ;)

two in ONE :)

had party at zhou's crib last saturday.the day suiee had her bday party ;)
couldnt make it fer suiee's cuz had some transportation
sorry sure u girls had enjoyed the day.hehe.

zhou party was crazy crazy.haha.enjoyed it.especially the cooking process.haha.worms in those eerie.haha.and the horror movie session.watched long khong.kept fast forwarding to the scary parts.

too lazy to blog about it.haha.but we ALL REALLY HAD FUN :)

Sunday, November 9, 2008

the snap shots.

(too lazy to blog.just some shots we had ;) )
the day we enjoyed ;) love you

well yeah.i cant be seen. (fyi i was the cam holder.rofl)

diana!smile ;)

candy gambling.its HEALTHY.haha.

SPOT the difference.haha.

(goosebumps rising.creepy white figure) lol

Friday, November 7, 2008

lets PAR-TAY ;)

had class party today.
and our class was like so DEAAD.
haha.we were singing IM YOURS while sueli played the guitar.
cun aite?? haha.
but teacher said off key lah.

so i went over to the class next door.
fuh.they were dancing like WOAH.
macam berclubbing.hoho.
i liked it.

after school,decided to treat myself starbucks.
java chip ice blended coffee. ;)

damn it SUZHOU.
dont kacau.
whack u baru tau.