Friday, November 28, 2008


just arrived in johor.the freaking 6 hours butt grew one inch wider.ROFL.
starting to miss ipoh ( REALLY!) haha.the ppl here are...speechless. IPOH ROCKS! haha. and im freaking sick.goddamnit.its really SICKENING.

had an appointment with the doc.and now i gotta finish up 6 freaking packets of MEDCINES.urgh.. imagine nasi ice creams.SOMEBODY SAVE ME from this nightmare!!arhh.haha.okay.i think i've exaggerated.
haha.i'll take this as part of my diet plan then ;)

im leaving for shanghai real soon and i've not even packed a single thing.haha.mum'll do it. THANKS MUM ;)

im only comin back to ipoh after XMAS.not again.tsk tsk.missed the fun back home ;P

;) miss y'all.

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