Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Journey to Queenstown; 7aste.

And yes, you've guessed it. 7aste (pronounced as Taste) is back! This time round, 7aste is bringing you to the
Land of Genuineness & Sophistication.
Where else other than Queenstown, New Zealand?

Shame to say, I have never been to any 7aste events but hey, best things goes to those who waits and here comes my invitation, with my least expectation ;)
I am beyond thrilled & so adrenalized to be at one of the most trailblazing event of the year.

And as far as I am concern, once you go 7aste; its hard to not come back! Nevertheless, this time 7aste will be an exclusive event strictly for invited guest only. There won't be any last minute invites nor pay-at-the-door entries anymore (unlike the previous years). To those who already have gotten their invites, see you there!

For more information, check out their newly revamped website at 7aste.

And if you're wondering where could 7aste possibly be hosting the event at, then it has gotta
be none other than the hottest spot in town!

Ecoba, Damansara Perdana.

What are you waiting for?
Ready for 7aste?

Sunday, May 22, 2011


In my previous post which wasn't even a week ago, I was so galvanized about
having a strict diet and flaunting the best looking body. And today, I woke up to a sudden crave for Banana Leaf rice & it was unbearable ( Trust me, it was hard not to think about it).

So yes, I following my deadly craving which was to fill my tummy with those good ol' food.
And yes, deadly is definitely understated because god knows how much time I'll have to spend in the gym after this BUTT KICKIN' meal!

Who brought me here?
That goes w/o saying. Twas deff my one and only Billybie. He knows me best ;)
Ammache's service was at its best! Tip top!

Not to mention the clean ambience & freshly made mutton curry, chicken curry
and briyani rice to name a few. Too much good food, I cant even remember :P

Some extra gist for y'all: The cashier uncle gave us an extra 10ringgit change. Oh the guilt! Too bad I only realized when we're alr halfway to our next destination :(
But Billiesooi said that he probably heard that I'll promote this place on Twitter (which I did), and hence the 'tip' -.o

Not bad ;)

Well I guess that should be my only high-carb meal (besides the Ice-cream waffles I had after),
I could hear my abs drowning in those fats. Well, lets not be too self-obsessed. We all need some good food, and care less about the looks once in a while. Pretty therapeutic actually :)

Speaking of which, I need to be 'make-up-free' for the next coming months. Don't want to look like I'm 30 by 20 next year. My face needs to take some time off those chemicals.
And after doing a long research on L'Oreal about their animal testing policy, more reasons for me to put a halt to my make-up routines (I've not touched my make-up pouch for weeks already actually-good start?)

Afterall, we all need to be comfortable in our skins.
If you yourself don't have the courage to show the world, who else does?

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Be lost in thought.

There are just three things that I need to focus on right now:

#1. Own that bod. By hook or by crook, I must and I will be able to flaunt such flawless
& beautiful figure. Of course, nothing comes without sacrifice.
Low-carb meals + proteins + water, from now on. With all seriousness.

#2. Believe that dreams can be achieved. With courage, faith and support,
I strongly believe in myself that I will not fall. Regardless of the criticisms that I may
be receiving, as long as I believe I know I am halfway there.

You guys should think the same way too, let them say anything they want.
You are the owner of your life, nobody else can make it happen other than yourself.

#3. Books books & more books. In the mean time, I shall make sure that I'll nail the
upcoming finals that I will be facing. Should be caging myself for the next couple of months.
Not even the hottest party could lure me out!

All for a better tomorrow :)

Time is our essence, waits for no man.
What makes you think time will make for you?

Start today! xx.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011


Assuming my post will be less mundane w pictures. These shots are taken from my blackberry over the weekends. Twas a great week & I'm hoping for a better one next week :)


Thursday, May 5, 2011

Rhythm of Love.

Greetings lovers! Its been quite awhile hasn't it?

Life is just unpredictable sometimes. One moment the world was celebrating the Royal Wedding and days after, people are rejoicing over the death of the world's most wanted terrorist, Osama bin Laden. Ironic, but true.

Well nevertheless, the Royal Wedding kept me stuck on the couch for 5 good hours.
Worth the wait, pretty dresses, lovely hats, beautiful people, all at once.

Spent most of my semester break back at Home. Its been quite sometime since I dragged myself back home. I'm probably the only one who's sometimes so reluctant to be home, all the way down-south. Anyways, the final weekend was well spent in Ipoh, somewhere I call Home :)

So many places, even I myself lost count.

Despite being a non-alcohol consumer myself, our cocktail night party just had to make me go against my will; for once. And boy, those cocktails we had were pretty awesome. Everything happened for we had the Best Bartender in the World & I mean it.

House party? FTW!

We may only have tonight, but till the morning sun you're mine. All mine

#1. I will never want to get drunk again. Hangover is the worst thing to endure.

#2. I will never want to fly with AirAsia again! If only I could fire a complain right at Tony Fernandez's face.

#3. I will never skip gym again! Because my fat-buddies are back!

#4. I will never say NEVER!

#5. I will never try to be a Bieliber.

#6. I will never ..

How the hell did that happen? I am definitely not a Bieliber & damn it. I think the fever just hit me! Gotta run. I NEED A DOCTOR!


p/s: That was unintentional. Gotta get back to work. An assignment due tomorrow and I'm still here blogging. Bad habits will never leave. Xx.