Thursday, May 5, 2011

Rhythm of Love.

Greetings lovers! Its been quite awhile hasn't it?

Life is just unpredictable sometimes. One moment the world was celebrating the Royal Wedding and days after, people are rejoicing over the death of the world's most wanted terrorist, Osama bin Laden. Ironic, but true.

Well nevertheless, the Royal Wedding kept me stuck on the couch for 5 good hours.
Worth the wait, pretty dresses, lovely hats, beautiful people, all at once.

Spent most of my semester break back at Home. Its been quite sometime since I dragged myself back home. I'm probably the only one who's sometimes so reluctant to be home, all the way down-south. Anyways, the final weekend was well spent in Ipoh, somewhere I call Home :)

So many places, even I myself lost count.

Despite being a non-alcohol consumer myself, our cocktail night party just had to make me go against my will; for once. And boy, those cocktails we had were pretty awesome. Everything happened for we had the Best Bartender in the World & I mean it.

House party? FTW!

We may only have tonight, but till the morning sun you're mine. All mine

#1. I will never want to get drunk again. Hangover is the worst thing to endure.

#2. I will never want to fly with AirAsia again! If only I could fire a complain right at Tony Fernandez's face.

#3. I will never skip gym again! Because my fat-buddies are back!

#4. I will never say NEVER!

#5. I will never try to be a Bieliber.

#6. I will never ..

How the hell did that happen? I am definitely not a Bieliber & damn it. I think the fever just hit me! Gotta run. I NEED A DOCTOR!


p/s: That was unintentional. Gotta get back to work. An assignment due tomorrow and I'm still here blogging. Bad habits will never leave. Xx.

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