Thursday, April 28, 2011

Almost perfect.

Everytime I look at family portraits, there's always this wicked jealousy that pricks right at my heart. And then off I go, searching albums after albums looking for a perfect family portrait of my own. Now that I think of it, I never had any. In fact, I never had a perfect family even.

Well I guess, this isn't so personal anymore. Not to say that I'm publicizing my family relations or whatnot, but perhaps knowing me better? This way? YES. Because often many times when people ask me about my family, there will only be two answers; I tell you the whole complex story or I make the LONG story short by saying 'I have a stepmom. full stop'.

And very frequently I get people saying 'Oh, I'm so sorry to hear that' or 'Oh, sorry I didnt know' and even ' I hope you're feeling better'. I definitely appreciate those good thoughts but the thing is, I never really experienced the whole 'family affair'. If you get what I mean? If I were to know what a perfect family is from day one, well maybe I would tear thinking why I don't have one. Since I never had, I never really bothered.

I believe whatever we have right now is here for a reason. Maybe the reason why I never had a perfect family is because God wants me to build one on my own, with my bare hands. & I believe I can. After all, the only way to finding the limits of the possibles is by going beyond the impossibles.

I don't live to regret the past, I live to build my future


Pay Leng said...

Nobody decides perfection except you :)

Magdeline Wang said...

WORD! That surely made my day. Thanks! :)