Wednesday, April 13, 2011


Yo' whats up nigga? *w the niggarish accent.
That was obviously #totalphailure! Oh shucks.

Anyways, life's been pretty good lately. With all the ups and downs; I've definitely picked up a few good things that I should really learn.

#1 : Get that shield of ego OFF me!
#2: Try to speak w grace and manners, instead of throwing hurtful words at people.
#3: Its definitely time to grow up!
(Though the fact that I'm already in my final teenage year makes me want to behave like a kid, EVEN MORE)

Speaking of growing up, I think I've grown half an inch taller. Woohoo!
and with those killer heels that I've just purchased ( which was dear to me); more reasons to dress up and doll up! :D

Oh and I've just found a pretty interesting photo editing app - Picnik.
which happen to fit just right for a photo-editing-noobster like me.

If you realise, all i know is to adjust the contrast and saturation; then add a 'SMOOOCH' and my trademark. Damn sad right, i know! If only I could edit photos like how Xiaxue does,
which I know will never happen. So I need to stop fantasizing. One thing about me,
I can think think think and think the whole day long & do nothing.
Thinking is good when you have the substance & result; but in my case.
Am literally thinking empty; NO GOOD.

Another thing, I HATE applying layers and layers of cosmetics on my face.
Though I know it covers all my flaws and blemishes; I still feel at my best w/o make-ups.
(The picture above): Naked face. & hell yeah I definitely feel good.

Well of course, in certain occasions, make-up is like a 'necessity'.
But I dont really see the point of putting such heavy-until-ahma-also-cannot-recognize make-up to uni. Poor skin; you must be having asthma attack.

I better stop bragging and complaining before somebody smacks me in my face HAHA.

Studies : studies : studies : parties :studies : studies : studies

If you get what I mean ;)

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