Saturday, April 23, 2011

Johnnie Walker Black Circuit Lounge #MyExperience!

Yes, you've guessed it! Its the official post-coverage on my experience at
The Johnnie Walker Black Circuit Lounge 2 weeks back @ Le Marquee, The Palace of the Golden Horses, non other than the Kualalala Lumpur.

WORDS are not enough to describe. Maybe these pictures would do a lil help in
telling you guys how awesome it was that night.

And again, all thanks to Johnnie Walker for the free passes and who was my special guest that night?
Haha that goes without saying. Twas none other than Billiesooi! haha.

#1. Great posters of our all time favourite Lewis Hamilton along the red-carpet walkway.
I could feel the adrenaline rush even before entering the hall!

#2. None of these were spared that night. I'm sure nobody was sober enough to remember how FUN and AWESOME it really was that night. JW ftw!

#3. And of course, JW's very own ride; Porche.
Too bad for me I came a tad too late, the beauty was already parked at the entrance welcoming us late comers!! ;)

#4. Red carpet moment w the JW girls.
From left to right: Myself, Billiesooi, Shanti

#5. Dj Sophia Lin, getting the crowd moving at the Johnnie Walker Black Circuit Lounge.
She was deff my favourite!

#6. Host of the night; Dominic Lau from E!News & Hannah Tan

#7. And the girls.

#8. Outfit of the night
Leotard toga laced top, red-hot chilli bodycon skirt, my fav nude stilettos!

#9. Lets get the party started!

#10. And Billiesooi bumped into a couple of his long lost buddies. It was indeed a good night for get-togethers!

#11. And as for myself, I came home almost sober ;)
You can see it from my face!
I wasn't blushing; thats the face of the aftermath of tons of fun+great companies+a lil sip of alcohol ;)

I am definitely looking forward for the upcoming Johnnie Walker Events! They're so hard to miss!


About JOHNNIE WALKER® ® and Formula One

JOHNNIE WALKER® ® is the world’s number one whisky brand, enjoyed by people in almost 200 countries around the world. Since the time of founder, John Walker, it has been closely associated with the concept of personal progress. A combination of consumer insight, determination and commercial astuteness enabled three pioneering generations of Walker men to grow the small grocery store founded in 1820 into an international whisky business selling stylish, authentic, iconic brands.



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