Sunday, April 24, 2011

The partynations on a Vegas night out!

As much as I want to be in Vegas, I know somehow that has got to be somewhere
far below in my 'to-do' list. Well, many contributing factors actually. Money is deff the major issue here.
Since I'm not born w a silver spoon ; not even bronze!
So yeah that explains.

Well, not that THAT has got anything to do w whatever I'm posting right now. LOL. My blabbering skills are deff making a headway. Haha. If only my accountings skills can be anything like this; IF ONLY. & I have just arise from the dead. Purely because Accountings blarrdy sent me straight right to the tomb, crying.

On a brighter note, since one assignment is down. All I need to do is just to freaking finish the second one and pass my test & THATS IT! ; Oh wait, thats gonna take another umpteen years. Forget about it.

Bullcraps aside. So yeah, Billybie's homie came down to KL a week ago & so we decided to bring them around town. Well of course, Kuala Lumpur & Las Vegas is totally incomparable as they're both wonderful at such different levels! So, DO NOT COMPARE!
We need pride & justice for our own motherland too ya know?

#1. Vivien and myself munching away our midnight snacks.
Btw the teriyaki chicken was pretty darn good!
Location : High Spiritz, Hartamas ( Behind True Fitness)

#2. My designated driver of the day :P
Oh did I tell you we switched roles towards the end of the night? lol.

#3. Billybie, Rachel Engh engh engh! & Vien.

#4. Being the only sober one that night, I decided to empty the beer tower all by myself!
Pretentious much? haha!

#5. Good night w great companies!

#6. She is one crazy party person.
I guess I had to be the party pooper of the night. Was so hard to keep up!

#7. Zouk was crazily packed as well. Really wonder how these KL people
party smelling armpits after armpits. Eww!

#8. Party pooper #ONE!
There you go, all said and done. HAHA!

#9. Lovely girls!

#10. Look at those smiles on our faces. Perfect!

#11. Highlight of the night: The Flaming Lambo.
The guys had to make us do it. Well truth be told, I didnt take any; not even a sip. Haha.
All for the sake of completing the pictures. Rofl.

#12. Tell me I am not the only one experiencing this. So much for pretending. Lol.

#13. The best companion I've ever had.
The best listener, my bff, my man, my lover, my life

It was wonderful to have so many great people that night. They surely did make my day & most importantly was that Billybie finally got to spend time w his best friend after years.
We're surely looking forward for more days like that!

Now, speaking of which..
When should we head down to Vegas honey? Xx.

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