Monday, April 25, 2011


I can finally open up to a brand new template. Been so sick and tired of my previous ones & also have been bragging my sis who's apparently very good in editing pictures to help me sort out my issues w basic editings ONLY. How pathetic?

And her being typical her, did not bother at all. Guess I shall stick to being my independent self. And taadaah! Here I am, with my edited collage. YAY I FINALLY KNOW HOW TO COMBINE PICTURES INTO ONE. Somebody tell me its an achievement! Haha. I've been dying to do something like that (referring to my page header picture rofl). This is the highest level of dumbness one can ever achieve, seriously. Haha.

Nonetheless, this is just a temporary one. I've been planning to set up my very own website but considering the 'achievements' that I have yet to achieve, I shall just put that on hold. So! For the time being, please bear with this simple yet so-magdelinewang page. (Geez, since when did my name became a noun? LOL)

Okay. The main reason I'm posting this is to tell myself how proud I am & its definitely unnecessary. Guess, I am just free like that. ( Sem-break mah!) -.o

Alright. I better get back to work before my brain goes completely dysfunctional! Xx.

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