Sunday, May 22, 2011


In my previous post which wasn't even a week ago, I was so galvanized about
having a strict diet and flaunting the best looking body. And today, I woke up to a sudden crave for Banana Leaf rice & it was unbearable ( Trust me, it was hard not to think about it).

So yes, I following my deadly craving which was to fill my tummy with those good ol' food.
And yes, deadly is definitely understated because god knows how much time I'll have to spend in the gym after this BUTT KICKIN' meal!

Who brought me here?
That goes w/o saying. Twas deff my one and only Billybie. He knows me best ;)
Ammache's service was at its best! Tip top!

Not to mention the clean ambience & freshly made mutton curry, chicken curry
and briyani rice to name a few. Too much good food, I cant even remember :P

Some extra gist for y'all: The cashier uncle gave us an extra 10ringgit change. Oh the guilt! Too bad I only realized when we're alr halfway to our next destination :(
But Billiesooi said that he probably heard that I'll promote this place on Twitter (which I did), and hence the 'tip' -.o

Not bad ;)

Well I guess that should be my only high-carb meal (besides the Ice-cream waffles I had after),
I could hear my abs drowning in those fats. Well, lets not be too self-obsessed. We all need some good food, and care less about the looks once in a while. Pretty therapeutic actually :)

Speaking of which, I need to be 'make-up-free' for the next coming months. Don't want to look like I'm 30 by 20 next year. My face needs to take some time off those chemicals.
And after doing a long research on L'Oreal about their animal testing policy, more reasons for me to put a halt to my make-up routines (I've not touched my make-up pouch for weeks already actually-good start?)

Afterall, we all need to be comfortable in our skins.
If you yourself don't have the courage to show the world, who else does?

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