Monday, April 5, 2010

The love of a mother.

So, this's Me, the daughter of one of the Greatest Mother on this planet Earth.
(I know this picture is so yesterday-i do not have any better pictures for now. HAHA)
I was halfway studying when I suddenly had the urge to make a call to mum. And yeah and so I did. Well as for me, my mum will NEVER EVER pick up my calls cus she doesnt want to waste my credit. (haha. how very considerate). So yup and I miss called her. She called me right away within seconds. And I thought, she was still at work. Nothing really came across my mind that time.
Until when she spoke to me, my heart shattered into million billion gazillion pieces. I swore! She tried to speak like nothing ever happened and like as though she was trynna tell me ' Dont worry. I'm perfectly alright'. NO MUM. You're not! Her voice was so weak that she could hardly speak. All she did was trying not to cough through the phone. She didnt want me to know. But i just knew. There's nothing much that I could do despite being far from home. She needed some care and some Love. I really wish I could shower her mine. I have always Loved her, more than anybody else. Nobody else matters more than MY mum. And I reckon thats what a child should do. Know your priorities!
I dont know why but I felt so homesick suddenly. I want to be with Mummy. She needs me, right now. I wish i could hand her a glass of warm water and put her to bed like how she always did. I know this is such an emotional post, but really. I miss her.

Mummy never liked taking pictures but I managed to capture a few. These are the photographs of one of the greatest Mother ever. My Mummy ;)

p/s: Mei, if you're reading this. Do me a favour would you? Take care of mum when Im not around. Dont just hide in your room 24/7. Mum needs somebody to talk to. Just talk to her alright? 5 minutes won't take too much of your time i'm sure. she's ill now. God bless you mum. I love you, more than anything in the world.

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This is too emotional. Hugsss friend! :')