Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Back to square one.

Yeh man I'm officially a Taylorian. Haha.
Too much of this 'school spirit' i suppose? HAHA.
(with the inverted comma mind you)
So yeah. Everything's back to square one mann.
I have to face the same 'ol subjects again. damn. Chemistry Biology Physics.
I'm actually traumatized already because I got frecking Bplus for all of em in
SPM which was totally outta my expectations.
whatever man. life goes on. HAHA.
And what else? College's fun. Well, so far so good;)
I can wear whatever and however i want to. Haha.
NO MORE PINAFORES (cherrio!) -i hope Mei wont see this man :p
And hot guys around the college compound ( well, not really hot actually- I have one myself HAHA! )
And my classmates. One word. CMI! haha ( and thats for you to figure it out)
Well, I do enjoy my time here in college. I feel anticipated for class everyday (uhm probably because its just the first week) HAHA.
Gtg for now. I've got class tomorrow. HAHA ;)
xoxo bieee <3

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