Saturday, March 27, 2010


A very happy birthday to myself! *smirks.

Despite being in a very dull-entertainmentless-friendless-boring-you name it City, I had the Best time bonding with my family (on my birthday). How awesome could that be? Those time were priceless. Who said YOU MUST HAVE A BIRTHDAY BASH WITH MILLIONS & BILLIONS OF PEOPLE CELEBRATING FOR YOU? I didn't have that, and yet I AM tremendously grateful for having a blessed birthday with my truly loved ones (well, except for one- HAHA)

And yes. I AM OFFICIALLY EIGHTEEN RIGHT NOW. No longer a kiddo :P When the clock strucked 12 sharp on the 26th. I went guuguugaga over myself. Hyperactive kid HAHA! Somebody over the phone (who's miles away-like seriously miles away) presented me the BEST VIDEO EVER. Loved it ;)

No point describing the agenda of the day. Pictures talk sometimes. Mine does; it says SHE HAD A GREAT TIME! ;)

Obvious much? Yep i had so much fun.

And thankyou everybody for the thoughts and wishes. I definitely appreciated and

adored each and every one of them. Xoxo.

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