Thursday, March 25, 2010

Are you arrayed?

You know, models aren't called models for nothing. I was watching Victoria Secret Fashion Show 09/10 on Youtube. Click here to watch it. It drools you, I'm pretty sure about that. And they search far and tide, all over the United States of America for those absolutely flawless 'Angels'. I swear, I went ' Oh my, Mama i wanna be one of em on that runway!' ( which I presume will never happen-never in my life EVER-too bad for me)

Their toned up legs, so long so slender, just perfect. Why wont I have those? And look at those abs man. One thing for sure, they didnt just catwalk for nothing- without any preparations. The hardwork that all the Angels went through definitely Paid Off. The workout routines- i bet those were torturous.

Ohboy. I vow to have a very VictoriaSecretAnglish(VSA) body one day. Now, workout! They dont starve. But bow wow wow, Just look at em man. Miranda Kerr and the new born Angel, Kylie. Damn.

Okay. Talk no more. Hardwork starts now.

Fyi | If you're arrayed, you're probably more gorgeous than when you're just attired.

So girls? What are you waiting for?

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