Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Défi à danser.

I had this sudden urge; I want to dance again!

My muscles are in sleeping mode and its not good. I cant even split instantly anymore (like 'Mag do a split now!' that kind of instant). haha.

I miss getting up early for class. (unlike now; i feel like a pig)
I miss having rehearsals with my friends.
I miss looking for my 'always missing' pointe shoes.
I miss getting late for classes ( its better late than never right)
I miss taking up hours just to sew my demi-pointe.
I miss having blisters and yet,still very determined to do pointe work (sometimes)
I miss wearing my leotards.
I miss dancing in City Ballet.
I miss performing on stage ( cus I cant see anything beyond the stage; its too bright)

Miss you guys so much :'(

The one and only, CATS.

The Cast of New York New York.

Gerald, came outta nowhere. haha.

Jessica, Steph Yeoh and I.

Ursula (In Little Mermaid) & I.

I'm really grateful NOW that somehow somebody BACK THEN, forced me for ballet lessons. Haha. If it weren't for her, I wouldn't have learn so much now. And fyi, Polina Seminova is the greatest Ballerina I've ever seen ( yeah, I've been repeating this over and over again but I cant help it)
Now, you judge my words.

see?Toldja. And I'm so gonna get those abs one day. Ahh, sit ups. RIGHT NOW.

I'll be flauting pictures of my abs instead of hers then ;) Wait for the good news :D

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