Friday, April 9, 2010

bull shits.

Best thing about tonight that we're not fighting. Could it be that we have been this way before?

Yes. Definitely, and so many uncountable times. I could still feel the sore in me. I would flash back what happened before and regretted. I wish I never knew you, then I wouldn't go through all these bullshits. i know this post is way too dramatic and emotional. so, dont bother to go on reading if you dont like it. No worries.

I know its all over and gone now but i srsly DO NOT KNOW why the hell I'm still feeling it. The sore the pain. Ouch. This is just so unecessary, i know. I cant help it. The minute Aaron uttered that word, my heart went *crash splash smashed damn!*. Thank god it was still bearable or else, I'll be crying already. I've been through even worse situations that nobody would ever imagine. I swear you wouldn't want to encounter the same nightmare I had. I swear.

I believe in Karma. I seriously do. So, thats about it. No point blabbing shit about a senseless, emotionless bull.

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