Saturday, April 17, 2010

Screwed kao kao.

Dont ever mention anything regarding Physics to me anymore man. Srsly, its pissing me off. I just dont have the 'oh-wow-this-is-peanut' gene in my DNA man. I just screwed my first class test which compiles of SEVEN FREAKIN MARKS. Tell me about it, really. And when I've sorta "mastered" my calculations, you tell me to explain. *clap clap* Served me right.

I AM NEVER EVER GONNA TAKE PHYSICS AGAIN, never in my afterlife. I swear.

So now that I have sworn, I still have no choice but to study hard lah. Haha. I can't afford to fail any of the subjects man. Averagely, each sub costs around 4K. So yeah. Gotta buck up and get goin.

I just had my 12am supper at The Ship with dad. Despite knowing the fact that its gonna be so freakin FATTENING, reluctantly I STILL WENT. haha.

Im so sleepy right now that I really gotta sleep. Toodles y'all. Stay tuned, be right back. xoxo.

p/s: im missing you tons.

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