Wednesday, February 11, 2009

The Disection

Biology rock your socks. haha. Not because you get to DISECT FROGS. lmao.
Unfortunately, my group lost our frogs.
Sueli : frogs ran awayy!
Us : HOW??
Sueli : I don't know. They're all gone!
WOW. frogs ARE smart.
Or is it just us thats NOT?

Look at Diana. HAHA. poor mama frog :P

Bloated. eww.

I wanted to poke the eyes. BUT i didnt have the courage.
I did not even disect it. HAHA.

Trying to pull out the tongue.
SOMEBODY: eh, why the tongue so short wann?? Cannot pull adi lah.

I don't know what that is.
Shit or the gall baldder ??

we buried Mr. and Mrs. Frog at the CEMETERY OF FROGS.
placed them side by side.
Replaced their organs back into their OPENED UP bodies.
and EVA said :
"Thank you Mr. and Mrs. Frog for sacrificing yourselves for us. We've learnt alot from you. May you rest in peace and bla. bla. bla. "
I forgot what she said. ROFL.
And back in the laboratory, I smell HAND SANITIZERS everywhere.
Thanks to Becky :))

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