Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Miss Universe Malaysia 2011/2012 Press Conference

Hey people.
Twas such a mundane, humdrum and monotonous Wednesday wasn't it?

Well, fortunate for me. At least I had my 5hours of the day filled with something.
Aha. Sarcasm much yeh?
And after that, back to the wicked wednesday.

So yeah. Lucky for me, traffic wan't TOO bad on a Wicked Wednesday.
Wednesdays are never good apart from getting cheaper movie tickets lah.
Other than that, its all wicked and monstrous!

Okay! Lets cut the longg story short.

Twas the Miss Universe Malaysia Press Conference 2011/2012.


Managing Consultant of Arcis Communications Sdn. Bhd.
Mr Stephen Paul Francis giving his opening speech.

And of course, Andrea Fonseka right after.
National Director of the Miss Universe Malaysia Organization (MUMO).

Andrea & Hans Issac telling us the true purpose and the main objective of
the whole new concept & also what it takes to be the RIGHT GIRL.

Jason Ong and myself.

Andrea Fonseka

# Andrea Fonseka ;National Director of MUMO, Mr Heah Siew Lay;Chairman of Beyond Entity and Franchise Owner of Miss Universe Malaysia, Vera Hui; 2nd runner up of MUM 2010,
Sarah Yap; Finalist of MUM 2010.
Of course, a group picture must not be missed.

By the whole change of concept of the Miss Universe Malaysia ,
not only we will stand a much higher chance to have our very own
Malaysian girl to stand a chance of getting into top5 in Miss Universe (in the near future),
we will also have two Miss Universe Malaysia being crowned in the same year!

Pretty new to the society isn't it? Well, of course. There's definitely a story
behind it.

To find the right girl.
The hip, urban, relevant and real girl.

More stories and details here!
& also from Jason and Josh's blog.

So long, lovers and friends.

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