Tuesday, April 14, 2009

# 135

My 135th post (:

Today wasn't too good. Frustrations and exhaustions makes you go hay-wired. Gah.

Why are students are bound to be equally good in both, academics and co-curricular activities??Now, this is making me crazy. It drives me down the slope and way up Mount Everest! Damn.

My emotions are in critical condition, this is not good :(

BM tuition was so meaningless today.

Teacher : Apabila seseorang badmintion player hendak berhenti bermain setelah bermain selama satu ketika masa, dia akan berkata ' I'll hang my rackets'.

Students : Hang?? Ohh.

Teacher : Jikalau dia seorang pemain bola sepak. Dia berkata ' I'll hang my boots'.

Student1 : HAH? Boobs?

Student2: Why not ' I'll hang my ball?'

Students : LAUGHS.

Teacher : There's only one ball, how to hang??


Now, spot the differences :D

Ignore the flaws. HAHA.
Result of not learning how to edit pictures. Dumb, I know!

CATS performance.
I'm the lazy black cat.
Ironically, I HATE CATS.

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