Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Shivers down the spine

Fed up lah.

Oh mann. Why on earth did i even said YES? Why did i even write down my name? OH MANN..

The pidato competition is like TOMORROW? and i've not even started a paragraph on my speech and yet I'm here, blogging. wtf. How useless can I be? Dang.

Drama was i-dont-know :( Dynamics? 30 years old man. Me? AHA.

Everynight before going to bed, this is what I'll recite.

" You little rascals ! Dont disturb the girls. Look what I've got? "
( with actions, on the bed )
WhatTheHell right? My neighbours must think that I'm possessed or something. Same thing every night i tell you. HAHA.
*bangs head on the keyboard*
Ohno. I'm getting insane.
Ahhh. JINX!

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