Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Now what?

Personal Opinion: Doing folios are a waste of time and natural sources. PAPER! TREES!

And we don't create, we copy. Don't we PEOPLE?? *high fives* haha.

Sighs. Now come the problem. I was just about to think what sorta picture should i capture for my FORM5 folio. Theme: Kekeluargaan. Okay. This is hard. Wierd eh? haha.

At this very moment, all I think about is that " Where's my family? Why is this so hard for me? Anyone there to love me?". Who should I ask to help me capture the pictures and be in the pictures with me? Who? My aunt ? Uncle ? Like they even bother. Sighs.

TELL ME HOW. Due date is like 2 days away *shivers*

I dont live in the house, I live in my room :(

*sniff sniff* Tissue please?


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