Sunday, April 12, 2009

Laughter brings joy ( duh?)

Yesterday was fun. Haha. Kio's birthday. HAPPY BIRTHDAY KIO. Though i know you wouldnt even read my blog. haha. or perhaps, blogS.

We met up at infinity ( i have a sense of hatred towards that place ) LOL. And walked to Yeolde English. On the way, I was actually looking around and i heard "AHhhhhh..." Well, mind you it wasnt asking-for-help kind of AHhhh. It was something else. HAHA. You know what. So, yeah.

I was like ' HUH? Err.. *covers mouth* YIII'.
And the boys went ' Wahlau, porno movies in public meh? ' . And all turned and look at me. Malu shit. GAH.

So, yeah. Dinner at Yeolde English. I makan Season Salad saja. HAHA. Wasted. Kio's treat. And after that, went over to SUSHI EAST for SUSHIIIIs! hehe.

OMG. I think I laughed the most that night. One thing which was so embarrassing was that..

I was munching my favourite jap snack, Edamame. And somebody went and crack some jokes and i went GULP! the whole thing went right down into my oesphagus. Whaddaheck la. I told Terrence and he was like ' Drink tea lah'.
Oh well -____-

Went home and BANG! on the bed.

Feels like doing it again right now.


*slaps self*

Study la. Sleep worr.

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