Sunday, April 5, 2009


Finally something in return after the severe sunburn i had :)

Was strolling around JJ with Terrence yesterday. Outta nowhere, THE FACE SHOP gave me an urge to get somethin for my freaking ugly looking face. Ahah.

So ended up with these. TEA TREE & BERGAMOT clarifying mask sheet.

Soothing and i love it

He said my legs looked like ALIENS. wth?

Looking twice, yeah i think he's right. HAHA.

I'm craving for japanese peanuts! :S
I think I have a very humurous boyfriend. Haha.
Me : Lets go get a few more mask later. I feel good.
Him : No.
Me : *frowns* WHY?!
Him : I don't wanna look like an alien again.
Me : Hahahahahahahahahah.
Him : -___-
Oh so random. Haha.
Ouya, having swiss dark chocolates after mask session is TO-DIE-FOR!

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