Monday, June 13, 2011


Greetings all! How was the weekends? The fact that I haven't been updating was fairly obvious; FINALS. Haha. But I am almost reaching the end point though its still a week away. I know I'm one step closer to freedom ;) Well, I'm sure many of you guys are already on holidays Boo :(

Since I was granted 11 days before my utmost final paper which will have the most tedious reading jobs to do; & which I have yet to accomplish, not even 1% (pathetic), decided to spend one weekend (yes, I had two weekeds heee) back in Ip. It always feels good to be away from the city & once in a while though I am forever a city girl at heart ;) Love the rush and hustles. Keeps you on the go! No?

So, yes. Headed over to Barroom ( there's nowhere else you can party as hard than this pathetic four walled building) & as expected, I didn't actually enjoy myself that much. I figured I enjoy myself better with iced lemon tea & some jazzy music with good companies. Should be the aftermath of dating a guy like Billiesooi. Haha.

Also, it was probably the fact that I don't take alcohol. Friends that know me well should know I am never a big fan of alcohols. Don't get it why these alcoholics love spending so much for a night and get drunk then hangover the next day. More like, paying for more troubles. Well, I guess life is just funny like that. Unexplainable; yet there will still be somebody doing it. Haha.
And again, different people, different preferences. We should never judge.

Oh and those irresponsible, unmindful and inconsiderate smokers who blow em right at your face. If only I could tickle them till they die. Hello! I ain't invisible. Blerghh.

This is Aun and his favourite shirt
( Never once I see him out w/o this same shirt -.- HAHA)
And these awesome powsome pictures are taken none other than this drunkard lol.
He's good and I'm looking forward to work on something with him, soon ;)

Nevertheless, twas a good night w great companies. Long lost friends finally reunited.
And met some new ones. Guess, its time I get back to my work before its too late.
Also! Its HIGH TIME I resume my gym session because this 'finals-hence-no-need-for-gym' routine isn't working for me!



Sha Geeth said...

absitence or abstinence? lol just wondering

Magdeline Wang said...

Abstinence! Haha. Thanks for the heads up; I was wondering too why does it seem so wierd LOL. Must be the cursive writing haha. Thanks sha!