Sunday, March 29, 2009


*cheers* I've just finished my first moral essay. I've just realised that I'm only starting from a point, not even a scratch. sighs. Due date is like 5 days away? WTF. I'm always doing work at the very edgy times. BOO.

Went to watch perak league today. I missed his match. Arrived late. Sighs. Well, i bet he did his best :) And you know what? I think he's photogenic after looking at the pictures that was developed by the i -dont-know-which-professional-photographer. HAHA. Really.

Maybe I should bring along my DSLR during his MSSPK *clap clap*

My skin complextion is getting from bad to WORST. After the sunburn, sighs. I'm feel damnsit ugly now. Whats worse is that photography session for the Year Book is like.. TOMORROW? great. great.

You know what ?
- I wonder why is he so gay? Bey tahan wei, seriously. Get lost please.
- I cant effin sing. My voice. I cant sing , i squeak. SIGHS.
- I totally disagree with people who actually says that Earth Hour is a piece of shit. Oh come on. Just because its only for an hour, its a waste of time? HAHAH. I bet you wouldn't even do it if its for a day. BOO YA.
- I wonder if DSLRs are in trend for wishlists right now?? HAHA.


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