Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Its speed of light!

Ohyeah! Expect the unexpected.

Today's over and i'm relieved. Hoorrayy. Less headache. Less worries. Less uban. LOL.

And silver was what i was awarded, after NOT practicing due to my injured knee.

My heart beated like SOFREAKINGEFFINDAMNFAST. Its like the speed of light! haha.

Did not expect myself to jump across the mark point. And when i think back, its so funny. haha.

Shut my eyes tight. ( carmen taught me ) and open BIG BIG ( carmen told me too) and GO!

Close ( not shut) and open and i looked at the furthest existing object ( B told me ) and run!

Blinked my eyes a few times. Flung my arms like 270degrees front and back. I said " I love you" and GO!

Okay. The ' I love you' part, i didnt know why i said that. HAHA. Random.

Diana was really good. GLAD that she got gold, she deserved to (:
Congrats dianahanishhajefri.ahaha.

So yeah. Long jump event ended. *cheers*

4 x 100 next (:

Loving you more than ever. Thanks for being there for me.
Days count: 22days.

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