Saturday, March 14, 2009

Kimberly Ong (:

Okay. This post is like so ubber late already. Dang. I wanted to go online last night to wish you but unfortunately i dozed off after the whole day out. Tuitions and trainings. GAH.
Sorry Kim (:

Happy 17th birthday kimmie ong. Dai gor lui larrr. Zhi mou? LOL. ( do you actually understand what I'm saying?? )

I couldn't find any recent pictures of you to post it up. ( DUH la mag. Bodoh. The last time you saw her was before the 1st sports practice! ) haha. So, yeah.

Courtesy of KIMMIE ONG :P
Remember this??
Hoi. Look at the cam la doink *LAUGHS

21st June 2008
Miss you la kim :(

I remember this.
Do you??
Oh and one more thing. Read this equation yeah?? Simplest maths on earth.
13+13= 26
13 x 2 = 26
13th= Kambing's birthday
26th= ??
so fellow students, whats the answer??

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