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Malaysia's Own Oktoberfest | 061012

Attended Malaysia's Own Oktoberfest w fellow blogmates from Malaysia's Hottest Bloggers (duh) last night, and boy!, the atmosphere was so fun-filled. It was my first time attending such drinking festival and kudos to Carlsberg Malaysia localizing it for us fellow Malaysians that we get to experience the first-hand authentic German Beer festival. I must say that I had a slight cultural shock to see so many people gathering, drinking and just having fun. I blame my stereotypical nature; but I've never seen Malaysians being such great sports and 'open-minded' enough to be sharing drinks, dance around and just basically, OKTOBERFESTING! Such an eye-opening experience. Its definitely not the usual shy and conservative bunch of Malaysian I see. Well, kudos everyone! :) 

I may seem a tad gung-ho about seeing Malaysians being the 'un-conventional' Malaysians, but its all for the love of our country! Its definitely great to see a positive changes amongst us all. Keep it up y'all. Share the love xx 

The event was held at One Utama's Old Wing Open Carpark and shoppers can just conveniently walk over to enjoy a stein or two ;) Or feast themselves with some eye candies, either way- its OKTOBERFEST mah! :) On a random note, consumers not only get to enjoy the drinks but they also get to bring home the limited edition Oktoberfest stein! I've already brought home TWO steins ; you can cheers real hard and it won't break! Quality- unquestionable yaw ;) 

There were pretty Carlsberg ambassadors donned in dirndls ( a traditional German dress), great music by the Authentic Umpapa band from the Germany, amazing mouth-watering German food, never ending supply of Carlsberg and of course games the stein race, barrel race and arm wrestling! Well, it was literally a one-stop fun shop for all things Oktoberfesty! 

A thank you note to all fellow MHB members for making it extra fun and happs (my abbreviation for happening. eg: Wah, you so happs la now? translated: Wow, you've been so happening lately! ). You get what I mean ;) HAHA.! 

Anyway, it was indeed a great catch up session with the girls especially the ones that I haven't seen for months! Killin two birds with one stone they say? :P I definitely enjoyed myself watching people downing the beers and, literally everyone went down on a major chow-down on the German food. My personal favourite was definitely the German sausages. Thick and juicy- just the way I like it. Who says you need to fly all the way to Germany to enjoy Oktoberfest? We have it, right here - Malaysia's Own Oktoberfest! 

I may seem like I was a tad intoxicated, but trust me I WASN'T! I was just..blending in with the crowd ;) Another reason why I enjoyed myself so much was the carnival-like atmosphere. It was like as though I was in a music festival albeit the stuffy weather ( damp and humid and I felt like stripping off my top for one minute) but all's good! Well, to be honest- it was my first time ( repeating this i know) and I've gotta admit, Carlsberg did a pretty decent job getting everybody together! 

Put aside all the great food, pretty girls and amazing people. BEST PART ( I mean it) of OKTOBERFEST was.. I GET TO PERSONALIZE MY STEIN! It's not very often that I get to name my own mug (or stein/plate/glass/whatever). Okay- maybe there are services like that out there but who would actually get a mug and go all the way just to imprint the few letters and waste a couple of dollars -.- I'm not sure about you, but I wouldn't. Typical Malaysians - just wouldn't. HAHA! 

But here at MALAYSIA'S OWN OKTOBERFEST- you can! Just head over to the 'Personalize Your Stein' booth and provide your desired phrase within 10 alphabets. Leave your stein to the professionals and just collect it after 30minutes. WOOHOO! 

Now, nobody gets an excuse to steal my stein no more! Hur hurr!  


Amongst the famous beverages during Oktoberfest, allow me to introduce a few of the beers available here in Malaysia's Own Oktoberfest. 

1) Carlsberg - ( 5% ABV/alcohol ). Lager beer founded by J.C. Jacobsen in 1847 and its now a well-known international beer originated from Denmark. 

2) Erdinger Weissbier- ( 5.3% ABV). Pioneered in the 70's. It was the first wheat to be distributed nationwide in Germany. It is brewed according to traditional recipes and has NO preservatives, additives and pasteurization, complying with the Bavarian Purity Law 1516. 

3) Franziskaner Weissbier- (5% ABV). A traditional Bavarian wheat beer with more than 600 years of history. Franziskaner is naturally cloudy and copper-coloured, enhanced with a sweet malt taste and smooth creamy texture for a perfect finish. 

4) Lowenbrau- (5.2% ABV). Original " German Munich Beer" that is famous during Oktoberfests. The beer is light to the taste, bright golden yellow in color and truly complements the Bavarian drinking experience! 

Top-notch German beers to choose from .. and.. 

fun crowd.. 

 amazing music band.. ( they were REALLY good!) 

 lovely girls dressed in dirndls.. 

 fellow Malaysians.. 

fun games.. 


Me myself, as a first timer to the Oktoberfest felt the fun vibe and even my friends agreed there was no better way to spend our Saturday night.. hence, I randomly asked a girl (whom I somewhat assumed was a tourist, and I was right!). Put my journalism skills to good use ( err kinda, albeit the loud music) :P 

 *pretended that I was slightly intoxicated (hoping that she wouldn't reject my approach since drunkards are usually pretty gullible, no?) 

Q: How did you enjoy Malaysia's Own Oktoberfest tonight? 
A: It was great. The people here are so friendly and fun!  

Q: Would you visit Malaysia again? ( She's an Iranian btw) 
A: Oh yes definitely! Never knew Malaysia would be this fun. I really enjoyed myself tonight with my family. Can't wait to make my second visit here for our upcoming vacations! 

Once again, thank you so much Carlsberg Malaysia for putting up such a great event for us fellow Malaysians to enjoy. Cheers! And here's to more Malaysia's Own Oktoberfest! 

Find out more about Malaysia's Own Oktoberfest and Malaysia's Hottest Blogger here: -

Malaysia's Own Oktoberfest by Carlsberg Malaysia 

Before I sign off,  SPOT THE DIFFERENCE! ;) 


Disclaimer: Photos are of author's own unless stated otherwise. Special credit to Andy Kho! xx 

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