Wednesday, October 28, 2009

LIke like my Chanel Ice-cream

Life is so fucked up lately. Its like you've been strangled to death, seriously. I don't expect my t'hang to be touched. So, back off please.

Exams are drawing near and I know what I'll do and what I'll not do. The do's and dont's i mean.

Sometimes people are so mean that they don't even bother how you'd feel.
Sometimes its not that you're in the wrong or whatsoever, its just YOU DONT WANNA FEEL EMBARRASSED. ( really, tell me about it)

Actually nothing much about the AWESOME pictures below, just trynna express my feelings. if you know me well, you can read the pictures. YES READ. ( because i've browsed through millions and millions of pictures and only liked THREE. So basically, its what my heart tells me to do. ENJOY THE THREE )

My life is partially like this peppermint-chanel-sugarconed ice-cream. YES, DELICIOUS TILL YOU COULDN'T RESIST! but, its like one in million aint it. I've found it you know. Really. And I LOVE IT. but, something is just pulling me aback. I need TIME to step forward. Just a LIL' time. Not asking for more. Nothing much to say actually.

Mag really need a phone call right now :(

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