Thursday, October 15, 2009

Rest In Peace my friend.

I dont precisely understand why and why and why some people take life for granted. Such a disappointment, really.

Live everyday as though as you'll die tomorrow. Life would be much more meaningful with everything you do, because it comes deep down from the bottom of your heart.

I've been taking things for granted before, and now, that I realise that LIFE is something priceless and once its gone, you'll never get them back. Please, do appreciate every single moment you have.With your loved ones. Your parents, siblings, friends, loved ones. Everyone.

A friend or a foe, it doesnt really matter.
I used to have a friend, not too close nor too far,
But he is one nice person I've met,
He used to nudge me in msn all the time.
He always wanted a video call, though i ignored.
He always like to webcam instead of instant messaging, I ignored too.
He used to call me in the middle of the nights, just to say GOODNIGHT.
Though that was years ago,
It had always been something that I think of sometimes,

I just had a chat with him the other day online,
And I went for a movie with my mr.perfectionist and he was sitting right in front of us,
We went for a supper,
And he was there right in front of us at the cashier,
But now, HE'S GONE.

His name will forever remain OFFLINE in my list now,
No more nudging and stuffs,
Take care my friend,
Everybody down here will miss you,
We know you're one nice person.
Rest In Peace :)

You're reading this, aren't you? :)

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