Friday, July 16, 2010


Ever since the past few decades, we (Asians) are well-known with our 'flat-faced' features. How sad is that?
Truth hurts i know!

Nevertheless, the evolution over the years have actually reborn these 'flat-faced' personages into true beauties! Just look at our Asian celebs today? Aren't they just as gorgeous and as good looking? Never fail to tempt me *wink. The stereotypical 'chinese eyes' are no longer the trademark of us, Chinese. Well in some cases, they do. Lets talk about the majorities. And i personally think that Malaysian girls are getting hotter and hotter.

Having said that, the girls in China itself are beyond compare. Why say so?

A friend of mine who just left Malaysia for the ultimate Shanghai metropolitan described the girls there as ' sizzling hot vainpots!'. And if a girl in Malaysia's given a rate of 8, she might probably just drop to 5 when compared to those so called 'sizzling hot pots'. (i'd prefer calling em without the 'vain')

How true is that? We'll see about that, some other time.

Btw, Shanghai Expo 2010.
(more updates, later dater)

And so, heard of Clinique Star Tour 2010?

Dont't want make this too much of an advertorial. So, just a brief one will do.

Basically, its a search for 3 lucky girls around the nation to be nominated and thus be the covergirl of CLEO magazine. So if you've always dreamed of being on the cover, give it a shot! haha. I did, and had tons of glee.

And so happened that they stopped by MY college today, so yep. Everything was tiptop!

With your RM30 voucher, you'll get:
- custom-fit consultation by CLINIQUE experts
-makeup by CLINIQUE Makeup experts
-Hair styled by Salon Espirit
-Fashion photo by a professional photographer
-Last but certainly not least, freebies! DOOR GIFT worth RM 130.

Who wouldn't want freebies right? But technically, we actually paid for everything. HAHA. Oh well, thats how the world works.

Frankly, (don't scroll down) I think I looked hideous. And on another note, like seriously? My webcam can take better pictures! Hah.

Looking at the mini me just seemed so wrong.

And this is Magwang for you.

Like said, i aint no major blogger. So, whaddya expect? I live in the suburb, shoo cityfolks.

Hmmm, what did I just say? Bullcrap, again.

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